Here are links to articles about current events in Calgary, as well as my thoughts on some of the topics.


Common Sense Calgary Interview 

Green Line LRT

New plan for Calgary's Green Line LRT would build from southeast to downtown all at once

It is disheartening to see the City of Calgary and Provincial Government of Alberta have not been able to work together effectively to start construction of this project on time.  Due to the setbacks this project has endured we know that the Green Line LRT is going to cost more.  However, I believe this project is worthwhile, and will provide an important service to many of Calgary’s citizens. 

New Arena

Before looking at articles about the new arena I would like to point out that when it comes to concerts, artists would have the choice to go to Calgary or Edmonton.  I do not believe we can assume all artists would go to each city considering how close together they are. 

Event Centre

Here is a page from the city of Calgary’s website.  It contains some good details on how the city hopes the new arena will help our city and its people.  There is also a time line at the bottom which helps to show how the project has moved forward, and how it intends to go forward in the future.

Calgary Flames arena deal on thin ice after team asks for $70M more from city: sources

The new arena is already costing tax payers $275 million, and it looks like there maybe another $70 million that is being asked for.  When it comes to the cost of the new arena I am supportive of it as long as it is within the city’s budget, and it will not cause the city to sacrifice the essential services it provides.

Why Calgary 'will not be making money' from the arena deal — but that's not the only consideration

With knowing the city will most likely lose approximately $47 million with the current arena deal it is unclear if city council made the right decision.  As stated in the article there are intangible benefits to building the new arena, however I do not believe that Calgarians should have to pick-up the tab for intangible benefits that many may never experience.  I would fight for the city to increase its cut of 2% from ticket revenues for the first 10 years to a higher percentage in order to cover this cost.  It is important the city does not put more financial strain on Calgarians, or sacrifice city services.

City paying to build parking lot on private land for Calgary Stampede

This new 1000 stall parking lot should be very low risk to the city, and should be profitable.  However, it is being built with taxpayers' dollars, and therefore the cost should be disclosed to Calgarians.  There needs to be increased transparency between the city and how Calgarians money is being spent.

Calgary Stampede

Calgary city council approves motion to extend $10M to Stampede


The Calgary Stampede is a proven economic stimulus, which brings millions of dollars to Calgary each year.  With the recent hardships the Calgary Stampede has gone through, due to cancellation in 2020, I would have also voted to support the Calgary Stampede.